Thursday, March 19, 2015

the gift of a heart

When you give your heart away to someone, and things don’t work out, you don’t get your entire heart back…but isn’t that the point? 

Today I got told by someone that they don't believe that I was given my entire heart back from an it got me thinking...

A heart is not a gift that you give away with the slightest of care. A heart is a gift you give with careful consideration. A gift that you hope that person will keep and protect for the rest of their life. So why should you expect the entire thing to be given back to you when the decision is made to return it. No, you will always leave behind the smallest amount of it with them…after all, it was theirs too.

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Friday, March 13, 2015

Dreaming on arrival in Iceland

I'd been told numerous times that the people of Iceland whole heartedly believed in the existence of faeries, elves and trolls. As we entered the town on the bus late in the night, I could only see lights twinkling though the rain splattered windows and couldn't help but let my imagination run wild thinking they were the homes of the fey fold and we were now entering their magical realm...

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

It's official

And thus, it is official. I have told work that I am moving overseas next year, and whilst they know I will be leaving end of March, they have still extended my contract past my December end date until my departure overseas (well, that and they are trying to convince me not to go!) It is nice to know that I must be doing something right at work! :)

But onto merrier things, and official plannings of my trip next year!

I am eager to also get into some more of my photography, and now knowing where my paychecks will continue to come from, I might just splurge over christmas and get myself a new snazzy camera! (to go with the mac computer I will buy in the states next year!) so you can guarentee that I will be continueing with my photography. Think of all the amazing beautiful scenery I can use as a back drop in Europe!!!


Just a song that makes me happy, which is how I feel with my travel plans :)

Love B xo

Monday, November 11, 2013


Love B xo

Saturday, November 9, 2013

my newest photo monkey :)

So it has been a while since I have gotten out and used my camera for photography purposes. The unfortunate thing is the DSLR that I was using ran out of battery really quickly (doh!) so I started using my phone. Not the quality that I wanted sadly (nor are these pictures) but atleast it got me out and about again. I do really need to buy a new DSLR, perhaps I will do this soon...anyone want to give me the money? :)

Even without the better quality, I still enjoyed it, and have started training up my new photo monkey :) as she is moving to the UK with me next year, I will need her to get comfortable in front of the camera, as I won't have my dear Sally to indulge me in crazy photo days (sadface). I think Emmah did an amazing job, and she looked so beautiful!

The sun was shining over the beautiful bushlands that is the King Lake National Park in Victoria, and for the most part it was delightfully quiet. Only a few cars from past (cue Emmah awkwardly freezing up half naked when one drove past!) and made for an awesome day, followed by eggplant parmagiana's in the St Andrews pub! 

I now remember why I love this so much :)

Love B xo

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Here comes the sun...

The problem with not having my own camera currently (lost and or dead for both cameras...sad...) is that I end up take phone "selfies" (boy do I hate that word!) as I can't justify having actually photo shoots using my iphone... it just seems sad and pathetic. But, here we are, taking photos of myself on a bright and sunny Melbourne day, while a gust of wind breezes on through.

Welcome back into our lives mr sun, hello spring!

Love B xo

Sunday, July 7, 2013

the ghost of adventures past

My insatiable apetite for travel has grown over the last few weeks. Whilst I am finally settling in at work and finding my niche working with high risk adolescence (such incredible kids, with such traumatic histories), I still can't help my mind wandering to the great unknown. I still yearn for travel and working in communities who have fewer oppotunities given to them. The government here can provide and fund for so many opportunities for the kids of Australia. Now I want to be able to provide opportunities for those else where. Combine my desire for social work with my ever growing desire for travel.

I have been reminiscing so much lately on the adventures that I have already been blessed to experience.

I have been busy making plans to explore and travel the world next year and have begun my savings to do so. I will explore the US, and live and work in Europe for some time before spreading my winds in South America and spending time in the communities which I so desperately want to do

I think it's time to get out and experience the joys of the world again and try new things.

There is nothing quite like an adventure...